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A lot of cards at our website are made with templates. All templates (1270 different ones) that are used are indexed here.

Do you have a specific template and do you want to see what kind of different cards can be made of it? Click at the code of the template and you will get an overview of all cards that are made with that specific template.


CR1505 Craftables Mountain Bike
DF3455 Design Folder Marjoleine's Dots
LR0489 Creatables Tiny's Deer head
LR0643 Creatables Easter Eggs
PS8021 Crafts Stencil Tipi By Marleen
PS8050 Craft Stencil Fireworks ByMarleen


4.015.902 Lay Out Embossing
4.050.260 Sweet & Lovely 'Hello'
4.050.327 Multi-stencil
4.050.391 Prik-embossing
4.050.393 Prik-embossing
4.050.614 Joke de Vette
4.050.617 Joke de Vette
4.051.843 Hardanger*
4.051.845 Hardanger*
4.051.909 PIGO mal
4.054.074 Switch Embossing
4.054.077 Switch Embossing
4.054.080 Switch Embossing
4.054.081 Switch Embossing
4.054.114 Embossing Design
4.054.116 Embossing Design
4.054.302 Sideline
4.054.306 Sideline
4.054.307 Sideline
4.054.308 Sideline
4.054.401 Handtas
4.054.402 Triple 3
4.054.402a Triple 3
4.054.402b Triple 3
4.055.578 Ornare
4.888.903 Borduur-embossingstencil
BS-001 Embossing
BS-046 Embossing
BS-574 Ling Art Studio
IC0000 Incire
IC0024 Incire
MD1001 3D Ministencil
MM0007 Mery
PG8803 PIGO Embossing


56 Embossingmal


DJD Kerst Embossing


66.2151 Embossing


6001-0002 Joy Stencils
6001-0003 Joy Stencils
6001-0004 Joy Stencils
6001-0006 Joy Stencils
6001-0011 Joy Stencils
6001-0022 Joy Stencils
6001-0031 Joy Stencils
6001-0047 Joy Stencils
6001-0049 Joy Stencils
6001-0050 Joy Stencils
6001-0064 India Stencils
6001-1008 Chrissie borduurmal
6001-1011 Chrissie kerstborduurmal
6002-0007 Cut&Embos Sterrand
6002-0027 Cut&Embos Vlinder
6002-0056 Cut&Embos Knoop
6002-0114 Cutting & Embossing teatime
6002/0139 Alphabet en Numbers
6002/0139 Alphabeth & Numbers
6002/0251 Cutting en Embossing vlinderrand
6002/2021 Winter Wishes rand
6003-0006 Floral Flourishes vlinder
6003/0030 Vintage Flourishes
6003/0030 Vintage Flourishes


1007 TissU
5601 Crea Folding
Lace03 Lacé
Lace09 Lacé
Lace14 Lacé
Lace20 Lacé
Lace27 Lacé
Lace32 Lacé
Lace36 Lacé
Lace39* Lacé


AB1401 Alfabet Embossing
AB1410 Alfabet Embossing
AB1411 Alfabet Embossing
AB1416 Alfabet Embossing
AB1417 Alfabet Embossing
AE1202 Achtergrond Embossing
AE1205 Achtergrond Embossing
Ann001 Ann's Paper Arts
Ann005 Ann's Paper Arts
AS0702 Luxe Labels
BA5301 Alphabet Stencil
BD8706 Bling Bling Doodles
BS6802 Baby stencil
CC7603 Eline's Babies
CK6601 Alphabet stencil
CK6602 Kado-labelstencil
CK6604 Megastencil
COL1301 Collectables Bird
COL1302 Collectables Owl
COL1303 Collectables Flowers and Leaf
COL1304 Collectables Flowers & Leaf
COL1305 Collectables Two flowers
COL1306 Collectables Candy hearts NL
COL1309 Collectables Birdhouse Home
COL1311 Collectables Birds
COL1312 Collectables Butterfly
COL1313 Collectables Eline's Baby
COL1314 Collectables Tab with Text NL
COL1315 Collectables Tab with tekst UK
COL1316 Collectables Flowers
COL1318 Collectables Tiny's butterfly 2
COL1319 Collectables Tiny's Butterflies
COL1320 Collectables Circle Die & Sentiment
COL1321 Collectables Scallop Die & Sentiments
COL1322 Collectables Cake
COL1323 Collectables Flower Set
COL1324 Collectables Banners & Tekst Every Day
COL1325 Collectables Banners & Tekst Christmas
COL1327 Collectables Christmas Village (laag)
COL1328* Collectables Kerststal
COL1329 Collectables Christmas mini village
COL1330 Collectables Christmas village decoration set
COL1331 Collectables Penguin
COL1332 Collectables Snowman
COL1333 Collectables Home Sweet Home
COL1334 Collectables Love
COL1335 Collectables Football
COL1337 Collectables Eline's Envelope
COL1338 Collectables Eline's Kerst
COL1339 Collectables Eline's Xmas
COL1340 Collectables Eline's Santa
COL1341 Collectables Hoekje en wintertekst NL
COL1342 Collectables Corner en Wintersentiment UK
COL1343 Collectables Shield
COL1344 Colleactables French Cats
COL1345 Collectables Flowerpot
COL1346 Collectables Garden
COL1347 Collectables Party Numbers
COL1347 Collectables Party Numbers
COL1348 Collectables Hoera NL
COL1350 Collectables Alfabet
COL1352 Collectables Frog
COL1353 Colletables Cat
COL1356 Collectables Bee & Ladybird
COL1357* Collectables Family Owl
COL1358 Collectables Eline's typewriter
COL1359 Collectables Smartphone
COL1360 Collectables Star
COL1361 Collectables Christmas Bauble
COL1362 Collectables Snow Globe
COL1363 Collectables Jingle Bells
COL1364 Collectables Snail
COL1366 Collectables Chocolate is the answer
COL1367 Collectables Box of Chocolats
COL1368 Collectables Eline's Hedgehog
COL1369 Collectables Eline's Reindeer
COL1370 Collectables Eline's Polar Bear
COL1372 Collectables Laptop
COL1373 Collectables School Slate
COL1374 Collectables Abacus
COL1375 Collectables Quill Pen & Ink
COL1376 Collectables Bear
COL1377 Collectables Bears accesoiries
COL1378 Collectables Balloons
COL1379 Collectables set Orchid
COL1380 Collectables Vintage Alphabet
COL1381 Collectables Stork
COL1383 Collectables Village decoration set 2
COL1384 Collectables Eline's Elephant
COL1385 Collectables Eline's Sheep
COL1386 Collectables Eline's Giraffe
COL1387 Collectables Eline's Baby
COL1388 Collectables Photoframes
COL1389 Collectables Pocketcard & Marks
COL1390 Collectables Filmstrip
COL1391 Collectables Eline's Santa
COL1392 Collectables Eline's Birds
COL1393 Collectables Eline's Poinsettia
COL1394 Collectables Eline's Helleboras
COL1395* Collectables Nativity set
COL1396 Collectables Stempel Alfabet
COL1397 Collectables Charming Alfabet
COL1398 Collectables Banners XL
COL1399 Collectables Eline's Monkey
COL1400 Collectables Dino's
COL1401 Collectables Eline's Deer
COL1402 Collectables Eline's Piglet
COL1403 Collectables Robot
COL1404 Collectables Castle
COL1405 Collectables Charming Numbers
COL1406 Collectables Barn
COL1407 Collectables Farmers Fence
COL1408 Collectables Eline's Horse & Unicorn
COL1409 Collectables Eline's Panda & Bear
COL1410 Collectables Eline's Squirrel
COL1411 Collectables Eline's Dachshund
COL1412 Collectables Mushroom
COL1413 Collectables Eline's Snowman
COL1414 Collectables Eline's Husky
Col1414 Collectables Eline's Husky
COL1415 Collectables Eline's Sleigh and Flow
COL1416 Collectables Eline's Penguin
COL1417 Collectables Eline's Igloo and Mountain
COL1418 Collectables Elegant Numbers
COL1419 Collectables Eline's Baby Onesie
COL1420 Collectables Eline's Stork
COL1421 Collectables Eline's Baby Essentials
COL1422 Collectables Eline's Baby Animals
COL1423 Collectables White Picked Fences
COL1424 Collectables Build a Tree
COL1425 Collectables Easter Eggs
COL1426 Collectables Eline's Cow
COL1427 Collectables Eline's Farm Set
COL1428 Collectables Eline's Duck Family
COL1429 Collectables Eline's Chicken Family
COL1430 Collectables Eline's Whale
COL1431 Collectables Eline's Tropical Fish
COL1432 Collectables Eline's Seals
COL1433 Collectables Eline's Seagull & Friends
COL1434 Collectables Men's Wardrobe
COL1435 Collectables Village Decoration set 3 (cars)
COL1436 Collectables Village Decoration set 4 (bycicles)
COL1437 Collectables Eline's mice family
COL1438 Collectables Eline's outfits
COL1439 Colectabes Eline's Christmas decoration
COL1440 Collectables Village decoration set 5
COL1441 Collectables Karin's Pins & Bows
COL1442 Collectables Karin's Deer, Stars & Tag
COL1443 Collectables Karin's Birds, hearts & tag
COL1444 Collectables Rosettes & Labels
COL1445 Collectables Eline's Craft Dates
COL1446 Collectables Eline's Kangaroo
COL1447 Collectables Eline's Zebra & Donkey
COL1448 Colletables Eline's Koala & Baby
COL1449 Collectables Alfabet XXL
COL1450 Collectables Eline's Happy Hippo
COL1451 Collectables Mini dorp
COL1454 Collectables Eline's Kitten
COL1455 Collectables Eline's leeuw/tijger
COL1456 Collectables Eline's Flamingo
COL1463 Collectables Eline's Baby Konijntje
COL1464 Collectables Eline's Puppy
COL1465 Collectables Eline's Birds
COL1474 Collectables Eline's Cute Fox
COL1475 Collectables Eline's Owl
COL1480 Collectables Eline's Turtles
COL1481 Collectables Cupcake ByMarleen
COL1482 Collectables Beer ByMarleen
COL1483 Collectables Eline's Beach Outfits
COL1489 Collectables Eline's Hamster
COL1493 Collectables Eline's Kitchen accesoires
COL1496 Collectables Eline's Pelican
COL1497 Collectables Eline's Seaside
COL1499 Collectables Eline's Dinosaurs
COL1501 Collectables Eline's Pumpkin
COL1502 Collectables Eline's Artic Bear
COL1503 Collectables Eline's Winter accessoiries
COL1504 Collectables Flowers by Marleen
COL1505 Collectables Eline's Bijen
COL1509 Collectables Bagtopper Bow ByMarleen
COL1510 Collectables Notebook
COL1511 Collectables Cactus
COL1512 Collectables Flamingo Float ByMarleen
COL1514 Collectables Hot Air Balloon ByMarleen new
CP8951 Doodles for Paper Flowers 1
CP8952 Doodles for Paper Flowers 2
CR1201 Craftables Cirkel
CR1202 Craftables Rechthoek
CR1203 Craftables Vierkant
CR1204 Craftables Ovaal
CR1205 Craftables Vlinder
CR1206* Craftables Rozen mand x
CR1207 Craftables Madelieven Mand x
CR1210 Craftables Bloemen
CR1211 Craftables Envelop
CR1212 Craftables Tags and Tickets x
CR1213 Craftables Hedera cirkel x
CR1215 Craftables Bloemenrand ovaal x
CR1216 Craftables Guirlande x
CR1219 Craftables English Cottage x
CR1220 Craftables Eiffeltoren
CR1222 Craftables Tower of Pisa x
CR1223 Craftables Stamp x
CR1224 Craftables Kerstboom
CR1225 Craftables hartvorm
CR1226 Craftables Stervorm
CR1227 Craftables kerstboom
CR1228 Craftables Eline's Scandinavian Hearts x
CR1229 Craftables X-mas Star x
CR1230 Craftables Wooden Tree x
CR1231 Craftables Angel with Star x
CR1234 Craftables Klok
CR1236 Craftables Caroussel
CR1237 Craftables Coffeecup with spoon
CR1238 Craftables Tea Cup with Spoon
CR1239 Craftables Passe-partout round
CR1240 Craftables Passe-partout Square
CR1241 Craftables Passe-partout Oval
CR1242 Craftables Passe-partout Rectangle
CR1243 Craftables Tiny's Swirls and Leaves 1
CR1245 Craftables Tiny's Swirl and leaves 3
CR1246 Craftables Apron
CR1247 Craftables Kitchen Set
CR1248 Craftables Circle & Flower -stitch
CR1249 Craftables Square & Flower -stitch
CR1251 Craftables Tiny's Hearts
CR1252 Craftables Skis and Snowflakes
CR1253 Craftables Ivy corner
CR1254 Craftables Parchment and Label
CR1255 Craftables Tiny's Mittens
CR1259 Craftables Window
CR1260* Craftables Zipper
CR1261 Craftables Tiny's Country Garden
CR1262 Craftables Trellis Flowers
CR1263 Craftables Trellis Panel
CR1264 Craftables Birds Silhouette
CR1265 Craftables Birds Pergola
CR1266 Craftables Birds Trellis
CR1267 Craftables Folding Die Butterfly
CR1268 Craftables Folding Die Hearts
CR1270 Craftables Folding Die Flowers
CR1272 Craftables Daisy and leaves
CR1273 Craftables Anja's Flowers
CR1274 Craftables Tiny's Shells
CR1275 Craftables Tiny's Nautic
CR1276 Craftables Tiny's Wave
CR1277 Craftables Tiny's Seagulls
CR1278 Craftables Tiny's sand castleset
CR1279 Craftables Tiny's Ocean set
CR1280 Craftables Stars Garland
CR1281 Craftables Mini Alphabet
CR1282 Craftables Mini Numbers
CR1284 Craftables Filigree Star
CR1286 Craftables Snowy Window
CR1287 Craftables Tiny's Pinetrees
CR1288 Craftables Tiny's Winter Village
CR1289 Craftables Tiny's Deer
CR1290 Craftables Tiny's Birdhouse (2)
CR1291 Craftables Tiny's Birdhouse (3)
CR1292 Craftables Gentlemen's Tie
CR1293 Craftables Stars Semi circle
CR1294 Craftables Falling Stars
CR1296 Craftables Horse Shoe
CR1299 Craftables Banners
CR1302 Craftables Topiary Heart
CR1303 Craftables Topiary set
CR1304 Craftables Garden Gate
CR1305 Craftables Tiny's Pansy
CR1306 Craftables Tiny's Lily
CR1307 Craftables Tiny's Forget me not
CR1308 Craftables Lily of the Valley
CR1309 Craftables Een bloemetje voor jou
CR1310 Craftables Sending you flowers
CR1311 Craftables Nieuwe Woning
CR1312 Craftables Heel veel Sterkte
CR1313 Craftables Bloemen en Vlinders
CR1315 Craftables with Sympathy
CR1317 Craftables Van harte Beterschap
CR1319 Craftables Hartelijk GEFELICITEERD
CR1320 Craftables Happy BIRTHDAY
CR1321 Craftables Punch Die - Stars
CR1322 Craftables Punch Die - Hearts
CR1323 Craftables Punch Die - Flowers
CR1324 Craftables Punch Die - Nuts & Bolts
CR1325 Craftables VIVE la VIE
CR1327 Craftables Merry Christmas
CR1328 Craftables Twinkle twinkle little star
CR1329 Craftables Oh Denneboom
CR1330 Craftables Anja's Flower Border
CR1331 Craftables Basic Round
CR1332 Craftables Basic Square
CR1333 Craftables Basic Oval
CR1334 Craftables Basic Rectangle
CR1335 Craftables Snowflakes
CR1336 Craftables Autumn Leaves
CR1337 Craftables Tiny's Trees Birch
CR1338 Craftables Tiny's Trees Oak
CR1339 Craftables Tiny's Animals Owl & Hedge Hog
CR1340 Craftables Tiny's Animals Squirrel & rabbit
CR1343 Craftables Christmas Bells
CR1344 Craftables Latern
CR1345 Craftables Ice Crystals Arche
CR1346 Craftables Ice Crystals Border
CR1347 Craftables Winter Wonderland
CR1348 Craftables Wood
CR1349 Craftables Ribbon Border
CR1350 Craftables Ribbon Doily with Rosette
CR1351 Craftables Heart (Basic Shapes)
CR1352 Craftables Labels (Basic Shapes)
CR1353 Craftables Labels XL & Labels XS
CR1354 Craftables Punch Die Butterflies
CR1355 Craftables Grass
CR1356 Craftables Flower set Fancy
CR1357 Craftables Flowers set Funky
CR1358 Craftables Flower set Sweet
CR1359 Craftables Basic Shapes Squares
CR1360 Craftables Basic Shapes Circles
CR1361 Craftables Stitched Waves & Clouds
CR1362 Craftables Hearts & Accolade
CR1363 Craftables Punch Die Sea Shell
CR1364 Craftables Punch Die Fish
CR1365 Craftables Dank je wel
CR1366 Craftables Thank You
CR1367 Craftables Music
CR1368 Craftables Cats and Dogs
CR1369 Craftables Ribbon Square
CR1370 Craftables Ribbon Wave
CR1371 Craftables Laurel with heart
CR1372 Craftables Getrouwd
CR1373 Craftables Dreamcatcher
CR1374 Craftables Box Card
CR1375 Craftables Disstressed Square
CR1377 Craftables Bag Topper bow
CR1378 Craftables Tiny's Pine Tree Branch
CR1379 Craftables Tiny's Ornament Baubles
CR1380 Craftables Tiny's Ornaments Birds
CR1381 Craftables Tiny's Ornament Church and Owl
CR1383 Craftables Spiders and Bugs
CR1384 Craftables Christmas Tree
CR1385 Craftables Christmas Tree
CR1386 Creatables Pillow Box
CR1387 Craftables Wreath
CR1389 Craftables Card with a view
CR1389 Craftables Card with a view
CR1390 Craftables Basic Stiched Passepartout Rectangles
CR1391 Craftables Basic Shapes Ticket
CR1392 Craftables Chains- Dots & Hearts
CR1393 Craftables Vegatable Garden
CR1394 Craftables Flower Garden
CR1395 Craftables Seed Pocket & Garden Tools
CR1396 Craftables Vines
CR1397 Craftables Garden Soil
CR1398 Craftables Birds
CR1399 Craftables Eggs
CR1400 Craftables Graceful Cross
CR1401 Craftables Chickenwire
CR1402 Craftables Bendy Card
CR1403 Craftables Punch Die Cookies
CR1404 Craftables Classic Square
CR1405 Craftables Nautical Rope
CR1406 Craftables Coral
CR1408 Craftables Card Stand
CR1409 Craftables Tiny's Fishnet
CR1410 Craftables Tiny's Lighthouse
CR1412 Craftables Feathers
CR1413 Craftables Cactus
CR1414 Craftables Twine Circle
CR1415 Craftables Twine Border
CR1416 Craftables Brush Alphabet
CR1417 Craftables ABC
CR1418 Craftables Cars
CR1419 Craftables Branch wreath
CR1420 Craftables Autumn
CR1421 Craftables Christmas star
CR1422 Craftables Spiderweb
CR1423 Craftables Open Star Fold
CR1424 Craftables Lantern
CR1425 Craftables Advent Candles
CR1426 Craftables Candles set
CR1427 Craftables Candle Bridge
CR1428 Craftables Lace Heart
CR1429 Craftables Brush Numbers
CR1430 Craftables Succulent round
CR1432 Craftables Herbs & Leaves
CR1433 Craftables Card Box
CR1438 Craftables Basic Shapes vierkant
CR1439 Craftables Basic Shapes boog
CR1441 Craftables Duinhek
CR1444 Craftables Basic Shapes zeshoek
CR1445 Craftables Geomatrisch hert
CR1446 Craftables Twine ovaal
CR1447 Craftables Circle & Stars
CR1448 Craftables Punch Die Star
CR1454 Craftables Cross Stitch
CR1459 Craftables Wolkjes
CR1462 Craftabes Cake
CR1463 Craftables Marleen's Selves
CR1464 Craftables Marleen's Greenery
CR1467 Craftables Basic Passe-partout Ovals
CR1468 Craftables Doodle cirkel
CR1469 Craftables Doodle vierkant
CR1474 Craftabes Shaker Doily rond
CR1477 Craftables bloem Sakura
CR1478 Craftables Marleen kerstroos
CR1479 Craftables Marleen's cyclamen
CR1483 Craftables Trees ByMarleen
CR1485 Craftables Deer ByMarleen
CR1487 Craftables Present Bags ByMarleen
CR1489 Craftables Schoentje zetten ByMarleen
CR1490 Craftables Snowdrop ByMarleen
CR1492 Craftables Punch Die Puzzle
CR1494 Craftables Natural Twigs
CR1496 Craftables Forget me not
CR1498 Craftables Bunny ByMarleen
CR1499 Craftables Flower Jug ByMarleen
CR1500 Craftables Shaker Oval
CR1501 Craftables Daisies
CR1502 Craftables Clothesline ByMarleen
CR1503 Craftables Dreaming Bear ByMarleen
CR1504 Craftables City Bike
CR1505 Craftables Mountain Bike
CR1507 Craftables Card stand
CR1510 Craftables Long Tags
CR1512 Craftables Bubbles
CR1513 Craftables Alphabet Journal
CR1518 Craftables Enveloppe set ByMarleen
CR1519 Craftables Mailbox ByMarleen
CR1521 Craftables Card Display
CR1522 Craftables Card Display accessoires
CR1525 Craftables Wood Stove ByMarleen
CR1533 Craftables Art Texture Squares
CR1534 Craftables Art Texture Dots
CR1537 Craftables Slim Line Frames
CR1539 Craftables Punch Die Lucky
CR1544 Craftables Square background ByMarleen
CR1548 Craftables Gears Doily
CR1551 Craftables Big Tag
CR1557 Craftables Square & Stars
CR1560 Craftables Van Harte cirkel ByMarleen
CR1561 Craftables Fijne Feestdagen cirkel ByMarleen
CR1562 Craftables Slimline-mini Frames
CR1563 Craftables Slimline-mini Windows
CR1567 Craftables Snowman ByMarleen
CR1569 Craftables Slimline Distressed
CR1574 Craftables Chain of Snowflakes
CR1579 Craftables Art Texture Honeycomb
CR1581 Craftables cirkel Geboren ByMarleen
CR1582 Craftables Dragonflies ByMarleen
CR1588 Craftables Proost cirkel ByMarleen
CR1589 Craftables Paperclips
CR1593 Craftables cirkel Beterschap ByMarleen
CR1597 Craftables Basic Circles ByMarleen new
CS0921 Clear Stamps Patchwork Alphabet
CS0922 Clear Stamps Baby Teksten NL
CS0922 Clear Stamps Baby Teksten NL
CS0924 Clear Stamps Hands and Feet
CS0925 Clear Stamps Ooievaar
CS6801 Collage Stencil
CT6004 Celtic Collection
CT6009 Celtic Collection
DC6306 C'art Deco
DDS3312 Don & Daisy Christmas shopping
DF3401 Design Folder Flowers
DF3402 Design Folders Dutch Dots
DF3403 Design Folder Extra Bricks
DF3404 Design Folder extra Chicken Wire
DF3407 Design Folders Extra Tire Track
DF3408 Design Folder Stars
DF3409 Design Folder Extra Scales
DF3411 Design Folder Paws
DF3412 Design Folder Balloons
DF3413 Design Folder extra Hearts
DF3414 Design Folder extra Leaves
DF3416 Design Folder Marrakesh
DF3417 Design Folder extra Cross Stitching
DF3418 Design Folder extra Knitting
DF3419 Design Folder Snowflakes
DF3420 Design Folder Ice Crystals
DF3421 Design Folder Winter Landscape
DF3422 Design Folder Puzzle
DF3423 Design Folder Roses
DF3424 Design Folder Pearls
DF3425 Desig Folder Anja's Circle
DF3427 Design Folder extra Stars
DF3428 Design Folder extra Triangles
DF3429 Design Folder Sparkles
DF3430 Design Folder Forrest
DF3431 Design Folder Dots
DF3432 Design Folder Sweet Hearts
DF3433 Design Folder Butterflies
DF3434 Design Folder Clouds
DF3435 Design Folder Nautical
DF3436 Design Folder Ocean View
DF3437 Design Folder ABC
DF3438 Design Folder Trendy Hearts
DF3439 Design Folder extra - Celestial stars
DF3440 Design Folder Extra - Snow and Ice crystals
DF3442 Design Folder Wintervillage
DF3444 Design Folder de Luxe - Anja's flower border
DF3445 Design Folder 3D Japanese Star
DF3450 Design Folder Dennentak
DF3454 Design Folder extra Karin Joan's Letter Board
DF3455 Design Folder Marjoleine's Dots
DF3458 Design Folder Dutch Houses
DF7777 Voorjaarsstencil
DI5503 Design-it
DS0904 Designables stars
DS0908 Designables Frame
DS0909 Designables Roses
DS0910 Designables Daisies
DS0911 Designables Anja classic
DS0914 Designables Anja's stars
DS0916 Designables Anja's Dots
EC0123 Eline's Flowergirlz Rose
EC0193 Eline's Animals Polar Bears
ED7702 Eline's Doodles 2
EE3411 Engels Embossing
EE3413 Engels Embossing
EE3414 Engels Embossing
EE3417* Victorian Style Embossing
EE3422 Victorian Style Embossing
EE3423 Romantic Style
EE3427 Nature
EE3429 Nature
EE3434 La Fleur
EE3437 Flower Stencils
EE3439 Flower Stencils
EE3442 Designer Stencils
EE3446 Flower Stencils
EE3449 Winter Stencils
EE3450 Winter Stencils
EE3451* Handmade
EF8004 'Decoratief' Erica
EG5207 Elegance
EG5208 Elegance
EH1802 Embossing hoekjes en randjes
EH1809 Embossing hoekjes en randjes
EH1825* Open Passe-Partout
EH1826 Open Passe-Partout
EH1827 Open Passe-Partout
EH1833* Open Passe-Partout
EH1837 Open Passe-Partout
EH1844 Embossing Romance
EH1846* Embossing hoek
EH1847 Happy Birthday
EH1849* Open Passe-Partout
EH1852* Border Stencils
EH1855 Lacy Stencils
EH1856 Lacy Stencils
EH1859 Sweet Romance
EH1863 Anja's Beauties
EH1867 Anja's Style 2
EH1869 Designer Shapes
EL4201 Labels Eline Pellinkhof
EL4203 Labels Eline Pellinkhof
EL8501 Eline's Embroidery
EL8501a Eline's Embroidery
EL8507 Eline's Embroidery
EL8508 Eline's Cuddly Animals
EL8512 Eline's Cuddly Animals
EL8514 Eline's teksten borduren
EL8515 Eline's Babies
ES7401 Embossing in Style
ES7402 Embossing in Style
ES7505 Embroidery in Style
ES7506 Embroidery in Style
FC0721 Folded Cards
FC0722 Folded Cards
FC0725 Folded Cards
FE6101 Anja Style venster
FE6103* Anja Style venster
FE6104 Anja Style venster
FE6106 Anja Style hoekmal*
FE6107 Anja Style Stencil
FE6112 Anja Style Oranje
FE6115 Anja Style Stencil
FE6119* Anja Style Stencil
FE6120 Anja Style Stencil
FE6122 Anja Style Stencil
FE6124 Anja Style Stencil
FE6126* Anja Style Stencil
FF4401 Fancy Folding
FR6401 Fabulous Frames
FR6405 Beautiful Borders
FR6411 Cosy Corner
FS2501 Franciens Faeries*
FS2512 Franciens Faeries
FS2513 Franciens Faeries
FS7206 Create & Craft 'Diny's Fashion'
FS7209 Fashion stencils
GA8202 Glitter Art
GA8204 Glitter Art
GS7901 Create & Craft 'Geisha's'
HA7509 Hardanger
HBM7001* Happy Birthday
HH8102A Home Sweet Home
HH8102B Home Sweet Home
KB3504 Bloc Embossing
KB3506 Bloc Embossing
KB7202 Tiny Harts
KK7104 Christmas Stencils
KK7105 Christmas Stencils
KL3103 Label Art
KL3105 Label Art
KM3332 Embossing
LR0101* Creatables Model 1 x
LR0102* Creatables Model 2 x
LR0103* Creatables Model 3 x
LR0105 Creatables Flora 1 x
LR0107 Creatables Flora 3 x
LR0110 Creatables Ribbon Flower 3 x
LR0111 Creatables Frame rechthoek x
LR0115 Creatables Vlinder 3
LR0116 Creatables Frames and Swirls
LR0117 Creatables Frames and Leaves x
LR0118 Creatables Swirl Flower x
LR0122 Creatables Poinsettia recht
LR0123 Creatables Zweedse ijsster
LR0124 Creatables Noorse IJsster x
LR0126 Creatables Sterrenkrans x
LR0127 Creatables Hulstkrans x
LR0129 Creatables Flower Doily x
LR0130 Creatables Designer Doily x
LR0132 Creatables Open Flower hip x
LR0133 Creatables Open Flower classic x
LR0134 Creatables sterrenrand x
LR0135 Creatable ijspegels
LR0136 Creatables kerstboom
LR0138 Creatables Bird L. Branch
LR0139* Creatables Lady Elegant
LR0140* Creatables Lady
LR0141 Creatables Double Frame x
LR0142 Creatables Poinsetta's mini
LR0144* Creatables hoekjes 2 x
LR0145 Creatables Flower set
LR0147 Creatables Bird Cage - Tunis x
LR0148 Creatables Bird of Paradise x
LR0150 Creatables Branch Forest
LR0151 Creatables Branch Garden x
LR0152 Creatables Cirkels x
LR0153 Creatables Vlinders klein x
LR0154 Creatables Labels
LR0155 Creatables Broderie x
LR0156 Creatables Flowers and Leafs
LR0157 Creatables Decorative Elements
LR0159 Creatables Hearts
LR0160 Creatables Cupcake
LR0162 Creatables English Rose
LR0163 Creatables Chinese Rose x
LR0164 Creatables Button Flower x
LR0167 Creatables Muzieksleutel
LR0169 Creatables Doily Square x
LR0170 Creatables Eline's Folklore x
LR0172 Creatables Dorpje 1
LR0173 Creatables Dorpje in de sneeuw
LR0174 Creatables Kerstboom 1
LR0175 Creatables Kerstboom 2
LR0176 Creatables Kerstboom 3
LR0177 Creatables Reindeer
LR0178 Creatables Arreslee
LR0179 Creatables Rudolf
LR0180 Creatables Cirkels (Petra van Dam) x
LR0181 Creatables Dennentak
LR0182 Creatables Klok en Bal
LR0183 Creatables Ster en bal
LR0185 Creatables Snowflake
LR0187 Creatables Winter Wishes x
LR0189 Creatables Mistletoe x
LR0190 Creatables Lantaarn XL x
LR0191 Creatables Lantaarn small
LR0192 Creatables Leaves
LR0193 Creatables Key
LR0194 Creatables Classic scissors x
LR0195* Creatables Vintage Sciccor x
LR0196* Creatables Flower XL
LR0197 Creatables T-ford
LR0198 Creatables Classic Cars
LR0200 Creatables Corner
LR0202 Creatables Edge
LR0203 Creatables Tree
LR0204 Creatables Grass
LR0205 Creatables Fence
LR0206 Creatables Ivy
LR0207 Creatables Amsterdam
LR0208 Creatables Windmill
LR0209 Creatables Tulips
LR0211 Creatables Lord & Lady
LR0212* Creatables Anja's Roses - border x
LR0215* Creatables Anja's Roses - small corner x
LR0216 Creatables Eline's Sokjes x
LR0217 Creatables Eline's tekst Baby
LR0218 Creatables Eline's wandelwagen
LR0220 Creatables Beterschap, Gefeliciteerd
LR0221 Creatables Bedankt, Geluk x
LR0222 Creatables Feestdagen, Kerstdagen
LR0223 Creatables Birthday, Congrats x
LR0224 Creatables Just for you, Thanks x
LR0226 Creatables Anja's leaves 1
LR0227 Creatables Anja's leaves 2
LR0228 Creatables Anja's leaves 3 x
LR0229 Creatables Anja's leaves 4 x
LR0233 Creatables Fiets
LR0234 Creatables Square by Petra x
LR0235 Creatables Small Oval by Petra
LR0236 Creatables Anja's Large Oval
LR0237 Creatables Champagne
LR0239 Creatabels Swans x
LR0241 Creatables Anja's Labels
LR0242 Creatables Anja's Square
LR0243 Creatables Kaarsen
LR0244 Creatables Hulsttakjes
LR0245 Creatables Takjes x
LR0246 Creatables Sneeuwman
LR0247 Creatables Schaatsen
LR0248 Creatables Tiny's Flowers 1
LR0249 Creatables Tiny's Flowers 2
LR0250 Creatables Tiny's Flowers 3 x
LR0251 Creatables Tiny's Flowers 4 x
LR0252 Creatables Kruis
LR0255 Creatables Blad met nerf x
LR0256 Creatables Branch and flower 1
LR0257 Creatables Branch and flower 2
LR0259 Creatables Garden Bench wood
LR0260 Creatables Wheelbarrow and Can
LR0261 Creatables Topiary and Butterfly
LR0262 Creatables Vintage Bicycle
LR0263 Creatables Parasol
LR0264 Creatables Vintage fan 1
LR0266* Creatables Fan Standard
LR0267* Creatables Chair and Lamp
LR0268 Creatables Cupboard and Frame
LR0269 Creatables Anja's Vintage Decoration
LR0271 Creatables Anja's Vintage Swirls
LR0272 Creatables Anja's Vintage Frames
LR0273 Creatables Anja's Vintage 3 Ornaments
LR0274 Creatables Camera
LR0275* Creatables Classic Mailbox
LR0277 Creatables Petra's Mirror
LR0279 Creatables Petra's Ornaments
LR0283 Creatables Paraplu
LR0284 Creatables Horizon Wintervillage
LR0285 Creatables Anja's Vintage Corners
LR0286 Creatables Tiny's Pine Cones
LR0287 Creatables Motorbike
LR0288 Creatables Tool Set
LR0289 Creatables Silhouet Man
LR0290 Creatables Birds on a wire
LR0291* Creatables Pump
LR0292* Creatables Mannequin
LR0293 Creatables Oval Frame
LR0293 Creatables Paraplu
LR0295 Creatables Rosebud
LR0298 Creatables Tiny's Lovebirds
LR0299 Creatables Anja's Filigraan Heart
LR0300 Creatables Anja's Border
LR0301 Creatables Love
LR0302 Creatables Princess carriage
LR0303 Creatables My First Shoes
LR0304 Creatables My First Sneakers
LR0305 Creatables Feet
LR0306 Creatables Bib
LR0307 Creatables Rattle
LR0308 Creatables Train
LR0309 Creatables Oval Lable Stencil
LR0311 Creatables Elegant Bar
LR0312 Creatables Vintage Door
LR0313 Creatables Stable Door
LR0314 Creatables Sweet Cabinet
LR0315 Creatables Tea for Two
LR0316 Creatables Boots and buxes
LR0317 Creatables Petra's Circle & Crown
LR0318 Creatables Petra's Rectangle
LR0321 Creatables Vintage Mirror
LR0326 Creatables Bow (m)
LR0327 Creatables Anja's Circle
LR0328 Creatables Presents
LR0329 Creatables Flags
LR0330 Creatables Deux Chevaux
LR0331 Creatables VW Beetle
LR0332 Creatables Dolphin
LR0333 Creatables Rubber Duck
LR0334 Creatables Tiny's vintage Labels
LR0338 Creatables Scotty
LR0339 Creatables Kitten
LR0340 Creatables Alphabet Garland
LR0341 Creatables Mini cake en cupcake
LR0342 Creatables Confetti
LR0343 Creatables Anja's Border chic
LR0344 Creatables Anja's Border Elegant
LR0346 Creatables Crib
LR0347 Creatables Rocking Horse
LR0348 Creatables Pregnant
LR0352 Creatables Callas
LR0354 Creatables Horizon Big City
LR0355 Creatables Horizon Trees
LR0356 Creatables Tiny's Butterflies 1
LR0357 Creatables Tiny's Butterflies 2
LR0358 Creatables Little Lamb
LR0359 Creatables VW bus
LR0360 Creatables Tiny's Grass
LR0361 Creatables Tiny's Sunflower
LR0362 Creatables Hospital
LR0363 Creatables doctor
LR0363 Creatables doctor
LR0364 Creatables Beachchair
LR0365 Creatables Ice Creams with Scoops
LR0366 Creatables Petra's Grape
LR0367 Creatables Bottle Label
LR0369 Creatables Star XL
LR0370 Creatables Pinetree set
LR0371 Creatables Oval & pop-up
LR0372 Creatables Mushrooms
LR0373 Creatables Acorn with Leaf
LR0374 Creatables Garden Rake
LR0375 Creatables Tiny's Tree and Leaf
LR0376 Creatables Anja's Oval
LR0377 Creatables Elands
LR0378 Creatables Spar
LR0379 Creatables Den
LR0381 Creatables Holland Horizon
LR0382 Creatables Zaanse Schans
LR0385 Creatables Border - Triangel
LR0387 Creatables Border - Flowers
LR0388 Creatables Flower Doily
LR0389 Creatables Tassel Deco
LR0390 Creatables Tassel Trendy
LR0391 Creatables Tassel Fringe
LR0392 Creatables Snowy Icicles
LR0393 Creatables Ice Crystals
LR0394 Creatables Bicycle
LR0395 Creatables Border set (wave)
LR0397 Creatables Doily Star
LR0398 Creatables Build-a-rose
LR0398* Creatables Build a Rose
LR0399* Creatables Tiny's Narcissus
LR0400 Creatables Tiny's crocus
LR0401 Creatables Tiny's Tulip
LR0402 Creatables Grape Hyacinths
LR0403 Creatables Tiny's Ferns
LR0404 Creatables Tiny's Basket
LR0406 Creatables Petra's Waterlily
LR0408 Creatables Tiny's Swan
LR0409 Creatables Tiny's Cattails
LR0410 Creatables Mother Goose
LR0411 Creatables Label Hearts
LR0412 Creatables Labels Cotton Lace
LR0413 Creatables Hearts & Cotton Lace
LR0414 Creatables Swirls & Leaves
LR0415 Creatables Lace Doily
LR0416 Creatables Tiny's Tallship
LR0417 Creatables Porthole
LR0418 Creatables Ropes
LR0419 Creatables Scroll
LR0420 Creatables Gift Card
LR0422 Creatables Tiny's beach house
LR0423 Creatables Deck Chair
LR0424 Creatables Bear Chair
LR0425 Creatables Anja's Label
LR0426 Creatables Tiny's Bridge
LR0427 Creatables Tiny's Wedding
LR0428 Creatables Flower corner
LR0429 Creatables Weeping Willow
LR0430 Creatables Leaf Doily
LR0431 Creatables Tiny's Pumpkins
LR0432 Creatables Kitty
LR0433 Creatables Broom
LR0434 Creatables Barrel
LR0435 Creatables Petra's Poinsettia
LR0437 Creatables Petra's Twigs set
LR0438 Creatables Petra's Larix
LR0440 Creatables Knitted Hat and Mittens
LR0441 Creatables Tiny's Log Cabin
LR0442 Creatables Tiny's Reindeer
LR0443 Creatables Austrian Village
LR0444 Creatables Horizon Forrest
LR0446 Creatables Sinterklaas
LR0448 Creatables Mix & Match Bows
LR0450 Creatables Lots of Love
LR0451 Creatables Tiny's Rose
LR0452 Creatables Tiny's Foxglove
LR0454 Creatables Anja's Butterfly
LR0455 Creatables Classic Border
LR0456 Creatables Butterfly Border
LR0457 Creatables Petra's Circle with bird
LR0458 Creatables Petra's Square with nest
LR0459 Creatables Tiny's Waterlily (s)
LR0460 Creatables Tiny's Waterlily (l)
LR0461 Creatables Tiny's Frogs and Dragonfly
LR0462 Creatables Tea for you
LR0463 Creatables Tiered Tray & Macarons
LR0464 Creatables Tiny's Bow
LR0465 Creatables Tiny's Teddy Bear
LR0466 Creatables Ballet Shoes
LR0467 Creatables Ballet Dress
LR0468 Creatables Anja's Triangle
LR0469 Creatables Hedra
LR0470 Creatables Anja's Frilly Square
LR0471 Creatables Anja's Shell
LR0472 Creatables Anja's Flower set
LR0473 Creatables Sailboat
LR0474 Creatables Kim's Buddies
LR0475 Creatables Kim's Buddies Boy set
LR0476 Creatables Kim's Buddies Girl set
LR0477 Creatables Flip flops & Sun glasses
LR0478 Creatables Hibiscus & Tropical Leaves
LR0479 Creatables Tiny's Italian Wine bottle
LR0480 Creatables Tiny's vines
LR0481 Creatables Wine bottle & glass
LR0482 Creatables Horizon Tuscany
LR0483 Creatables Anja Marquee
LR0485 Creatables Petra's oval & corners
LR0486 Creatables Border: Ice crystals
LR0487 Creatables Lots of stars
LR0488 Creatables Petra's Christmas border
LR0489 Creatables Tiny's Deer head
LR0491 Creatables Tiny's Christmas tree with decorated
LR0492 Creatables Tiny's Christmas tree wood
LR0493 Creatables Horizon Snowy Mountains
LR0494 Creatables Horizon Amsterdam
LR0495 Creatables Santa is Coming
LR0496 Creatables Sint & Piet
LR0497 Creatables Snowflakes corner
LR0498 Creatables Snowflakes border
LR0500 Creatables Moon
LR0501 Creatables Piano
LR0502 Creatables Curtains
LR0503 Creatables Fireworks Rocket
LR0504 Creatables Champagne
LR0505 Creatables Bouquet
LR0507 Creatables Lace Border (L)
LR0509 Creatables Tiny's Butterflies set
LR0510 Creatables Strawberries
LR0512 Creatables Petra's Apple Blossom
LR0516 Creatables Anja's Flower Rectangle
LR0517 Creatables Anja's Flower Semi Circle
LR0521 Creatables Tiny's Hollyhocks
LR0524 Creatables Horizon Woodland
LR0526 Creatables Anja's Floral Ornament
LR0531 Creatables Regenboog en wolken
LR0535 Creatables Houten wegwijzer
LR0541 Creatables Palmbomen
LR0542* Creatables koffer
LR0545 Creatables Zonnebloem
LR0546 Creatables Anja's Prachtige Bloemenset
LR0547 Creatables Anja's Bladset
LR0550 Creatables Tiny's Larix
LR0554 Creatables Tomte Gnome
LR0556 Creatables Forest Trees
LR0557 Creatables Pine Cone large
LR0558 Craftables Tiny's Peanut Garland & Branch
LR0559 Creatables Nativity Scene
LR0560 Creatables Christmas Ornament
LR0565 Creatables Sinterklaas & Pieterbaas
LR0567 Creatables Driving Home for Christmas
LR0568 Creatables Layout
LR0569 Creatables Gift Box
LR0572 Creatables Watering Can
LR0574 Creatables Flower Frame rond
LR0576 Creatables Baby Text Boy & Girl
LR0579 Creatables Fairy Flower House
LR0581 Creatables Bunting Banners
LR0582 Creatables Pins Cijfers
LR0585 Creatables Anja's Grid Corner
LR0586 Creatables Build-a-tulip
LR0587 Creatables Poppy
LR0592 Creatables Doily Duo
LR0594 Creatables Tiny's boten
LR0599 Creatables Sweet Borders
LR0608 Creatables Anja's Vertical Folding Die (rectangle)
LR0610 Creatables Lelie
LR0620 Creatables Anja's Warm Winter Wishes
LR0621 Creatables Tiny's Bladeren
LR0625 Creatables Van Harte & Ballon 25 jaar
LR0628 Creatables Petra's Berries
LR0629 Creatables Petra's Cotton
LR0631 Creatables Tiny's Frosty snowmen
LR0632 Creatables Gate Fold Die Chrystal
LR0636 Creatables Clock
LR0640 Creatables Birdcage set
LR0641 Creatables Truck
LR0643 Creatables Easter Eggs
LR0644 Creatables Tiny's Easter Chick
LR0647 Creatables Lavender Square
LR0649 Creatables Petra's Violets
LR0650 Creatables Petra's Grass
LR0651 Creatables Gefeliciteerd
LR0652 Creatables Build-a-Windmill
LR0653 Creatables Tulip Border
LR0654 Creatables Tulip Doily
LR0655 Creatables Wooden Shoe
LR0658 Creatables Sneakers
LR0659 Creatables Sports
LR0662 Creatables Beach Houses set
LR0663 Creatables Sandy Path
LR0664 Creatables Ocean view
LR0666 Creatables Frangipani Flower
LR0667 Creatables Tropical Leaves
LR0668 Creatables Fruit
LR0671 Creatables Petra's Circle
LR0675 Creatables Holly Leaves
LR0677 Creatables Circle Lay-out
LR0689 Creatables Wool Basket
LR0691 Creatables Rieten Krans
LR0693 Creatables Anja\'s Circle XS
LR0695 Creatables Flower Display
LR0696 Creatables Border Duo
LR0697 Creatables Blossom
LR0702 Creatables Wicker Basket
LR0703 Creatables Anja\'s Hydrangea
LR0708 Creatables Cutting Boards
LR0713 Creatables Soccer Shoe
LR0714 Creatables Coffee to go
LR0718 Creatables Hammock (hangmat)
LR0721 Creatables Tiny's Doves
LR0723 Creatables Bricks
LR0724 Creatables Street Lantern
LR0725 Creatables Jar
LR0726 Creatables Christmas Garland
LR0729 Creatables Bamboo
LR0731 Creatables Anja's Moon
LR0732 Creatables Anja's Pyramid
LR0733 Creatables Christmas Stockings
LR0734 Creatables Tiny's Gondola
LR0736 Creatables Tiny's Pines
LR0740 Creatables Silhouette Sleighride
LR0741 Creatables Petra's Ice Crystals circle
LR0745 Creatables Lady Bugs
LR0747 Creatables Anja's Butterfly set
LR0748 Creatables Madeliefje
LR0749 Creatables Liefs
LR0750 Creatables Van Harte
LR0751 Creatables Anja's Slimline hoeken
LR0753 Creatables Spring Wreath
LR0755 Creatables Daffodil
LR0758 Creatables Shopping Bags
LR0761 Creatables Stationary
LR0763 Creatables Smalle Circle Arches
LR0764 Creatables Small Circle Lace
LR0767 Creatables Scalloped Squares new
MA6504 Mandala
MA6508 Mandala
Mery002 Mery's Stencils
Mery005 Mery's Stencils
Mery007 Mery's Stencils
Mery008 Mery's Stencils
Mery009 Mery's Stencils
Mery011* Mery's Stencils
Mery012* Mery's Stencils
MG0841 Geisha Stencils (kraanvogel)
MG0842 Geisha Stencils (Lampion)
MG0845 Geisha Stencils (bamboe)
MM7001 Mix and Match
MXA5441 Merry Christmas
MXT5422 Merry Christmas
P7802 1-2-3D Stencil
PD0001 Star Collection
PD0004* Star Collection
PD0006 Star Collection
PD0007 Star Collection
PD0010* Star Collection
PD0011 Star Collection
PD0014 Star Collection
PD0015 Star Collection
PD0017 Star Collection Elegant
PF8602 Christmas Blocs
PK9004 Pink Stencils
PK9007 Pink Stencils
PK9010 Pink Stencils
PK9014 Pink Stencils
PL6501 Project NL ATC Pocket Letter
PP1401 Party product Balloon
PR0585 Ornare
PR7502a Paper Ribbon
PR7502b Paper Ribbon
PS8001 Mask Stencil Tiny's Cobble Stone
PS8002 Mask Stencil Tiny's Faded Corduroy
PS8003 Mask Stencil Tiny's Bark
PS8017 Craft Stencil Kerstbal by Marleen
PS8020 Crafts Stencil Cloud by Marleen
PS8021 Craft Stencil Tipi ByMarleen
PS8023 Craft Stencil Present by Marleen
PS8030 Craft Stencil Doghouse by Marleen
PS8038 Craft Stencil Fruit Basket by Marleen
PS8045 Craftstencil Mountains ByMarleen
PS8046 Craft Stencil Christmas Tree ByMarleen
PS8049 Craft Stencil Pendule ByMarleen
PS8050 Craft Stencil Fireworks ByMarleen
PS8051 Craft Stencil Champagne ByMarleen
PS8052 Craft Stencil Puzzle
PS8055 Craft Stencil Easter Egg ByMarleen
PS8063 Craft Stencil Beer Mug ByMarleen
PS8073 Craft Stencil Treehouse ByMarleen
PS8074 Craft Stencil Bell Jar ByMarleen
PS8079 Craft Stencil Slimline Envelope
PS8081 Craft Stencil Slimline Dots
PS8082 Craft Stencil Flags
PS8086 Craft Stencil Chef's Hat & Utensils
PS8087 Craft Stencil Teamshirt
PS8088 Craft Stencil Tent ByMarleen
PS8092 Craft Stencil Message in a bottle ByMarleen
PS8095 Mask Stencil Tiny's Beach
PS8103 Craft Stencil Stocking ByMarleen
PS8104 Mask Stencil Henriette's Backgrounds
PS8109 Mask Stencil Tiny's Bubbles & Sparkles
PS8118 Craft Stencil Beehive ByMarleen
QS4702 Quadrant borduren
QS4705 Quadrant borduren
QU0604 Quilt Stencils
QU0605 Quilt Stencils
SB7611 Sterrenbeelden
SC6603 Spring Cards
SC6608 Spring Cards
SC6612 Spring Cards
SE7202 Selina Fenech
SF1115 Stampfairy Designs Christmas Present
SF1117 Stampfairy Designs Santa's Sleigh
SH0431 the Stencil house
SH0432 the Stencil house
SH0903 Sweet Hearts
SIL1126 Silhouet stencil
SK7702 Sterren Stencil
SL0812 Scraplabels
SU4002 Super Stencil
SU4007 Super Stencil
Suzy003* Suzy Stencils
Suzy005 Suzy Stencils
Suzy007 Suzy Stencils
Suzy009 Suzy Stencils
Suzy013 Suzy Double Stencils
Suzy014 Suzy Corners
Suzy017 Suzy Corners
Suzy020 Suzy's Cuties
Suzy023 Suzy's Cuties
Suzy025 Suzy's Cuties
TA5403* Trapeze
TA5408* Trapeze
TA5415* Trapeze
TK9701 Theaterkaart
TR4603 Trapunto
TR4606 Trapunto
TR4609* Trapunto
TS0750 Text Stencil
TS0752 Text Stencil
TW7904 Twirly Stencil
TW7905 Twirly Stencil
TW7912a-b Twirly Christmas
VH8002a Birdhouses
VH8002b Birdhouses
WR0740 Eline Baby
WTA5442 A White Christmas


49455 Embossing Stencil


MaS003 Scrap-magic
MFD 006 Nellie's Multi Frame's vierkant
MFD 006 Nellie's Multi frame Vierkant
MFD 020 Nellie's Multi Frame's Doily
MFD022 Nellie's Multi Frame's hart
NFD009 Folding Dies
PU0005 Papuela
PU0009 Papuela
PU0013 Papuela
PU0021 Papuela
PU0022 Papuela
PU0027 Papuela


573S Embossingmal


37-1133 Happy Birthday
37-1140 Snowflakes
37-1142 D'vine Swirl
37-1152 Script
37-1153 Textile
37-1164 Everyday Greetings
37-1168 Leafy Branch
37-1171 With Love
37-1202 Asterisks
37-1222 Little Tiny Tags
37-1232 Stylized Flowers
37-1508 Flowers
37-1538 Snowflake 2
37-1554 Winter Jelly
37-1604 Swiss Dots
37-1619 Perfectly Paisley
37-1806 Floral Fantasy
37-1899 Christmas Ornaments
37-1910 Diamond Plate
37-1911 Stars
37-1937 Snowflakes


45.6494 Summer: Beach items
45.6524 Summer: BBQ


CLOTE04 On the Edge new
CLOTE27 On the Edge double stitchline
CLOTEXL28 On the Edge double stitchline

Anita Corsten

Anita Hello! I am Anita Corsten from The Netherlands. For a long time I have been making cards, which is my greatest hobby nowadays. Right now I have a huge collection of cards. Most of them are published here at my website which was found in March 2004. In the meanwhile it has been visted times. Take a look and enjoy! more »

About à la Kaart

à la Kaart was found in March 2004. This website was originally started to show the cards Anita made. Soon the website was extended with a lot more features. In the meanwhile more than 6000 people visit à la Kaart every month. more »

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